Species page : Fasciola hepatica

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Species Fasciola hepatica

Disease: Fasciolosis: Adult worms lodge in the larger bile ducts and the gall bladder, where they cause inflammation, fibrosis, blockage, colic pain and jaundice. Liver fibrosis and anaemia are also frequent( They are usually found in ruminants but also can be found in humans
Available cDNAs:
Illumina:   400484757
Available WGS:
Illumina:   3741893590
External Collaborators: Dr. Jose F. Tort    web
Pablo Smircich (FMed)
Gabriel Rinaldi
Dr. Qingren Zeng
Project Contact: Makedonka Mitreva
TremaGene information: TremaGene gene count :15739 (RNAseq expression data available)
TremaBLAST database: TremaBlast
Tremabrowser gene annotations: TremaBrowse
KEGG Associations: TremaPath
NCBI BioProject id: PRJNA179522 v1.0(AWS)     Copyright Statement
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